CUSTOM = 0x0000
ASCII = 0x0001
BIGINT = 0x0002
BLOB = 0x0003
BOOLEAN = 0x0004
COUNTER = 0x0005
DECIMAL = 0x0006
DOUBLE = 0x0007
FLOAT = 0x0008
INT = 0x0009
UUID = 0x000C
VARCHAR = 0x000D
VARINT = 0x000E
INET = 0x0010
DATE = 0x0011
TIME = 0x0012
SMALLINT = 0x0013
TINYINT = 0x0014
LIST = 0x0020
MAP = 0x0021
SET = 0x0022
UDT = 0x0030
TUPLE = 0x0031


type constants supported description ascii strings ASCII character string bigint integers 64-bit signed long blob blobs Arbitrary bytes (no validation) boolean booleans true or false counter integers Counter column (64-bit signed value). See Counters for details date integers, strings A date (with no corresponding time value). See Working with dates below for more information. decimal integers, floats Variable-precision decimal double integers 64-bit IEEE-754 floating point float integers, floats 32-bit IEEE-754 floating point inet strings An IP address. It can be either 4 bytes long (IPv4) or 16 bytes long (IPv6). There is no inet constant, IP address should be inputed as strings int integers 32-bit signed int smallint integers 16-bit signed int text strings UTF8 encoded string time integers, strings A time with nanosecond precision. See Working with time below for more information. timestamp integers, strings A timestamp. Strings constant are allow to input timestamps as dates, see Working with timestamps below for more information. timeuuid uuids Type 1 UUID. This is generally used as a “conflict-free” timestamp. Also see the functions on Timeuuid tinyint integers 8-bit signed int uuid uuids Type 1 or type 4 UUID varchar strings UTF8 encoded string varint integers Arbitrary-precision integer

collections - lists sets tuple map user defined types